Celebrate Your Victories!

The Digital Marketing Victories Podcast is a monthly show to celebrate each other’s digital marketing victories. Each month we’ll interview marketers who have had a breakthrough moment and discover how they did it. Tune in to find practical tips, tactics, and persuasion techniques that made the difference.


Ep 4: An Insider’s Guide To Award-Winning SEO Leadership – Interview with John Morabito

What is the secret sauce to SEO success? And how can I add that flavor to my own SEO projects? Whether you’re an experienced professional in SEO looking for constant improvement, or you’re in your way of learning, you’ll want to listen to advice...

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Ep 3: Music and SEO Changed How I Think About Marketing – Interview with Dan Shure

Have you ever found an unexpected combination of skills that totally evolved the way you see things? Can you imagine how the fun of music and the constantly evolving digital marketing world can fuse to drive success in SEO? That’s the chemistry behind the...

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Ep 2: Doing Social Media The Right Way – Interview with Joe Federer

Were you ever curious about how Reddit paid to advertise? How does organic reach work? You won’t get a better intro to how the algorithm works than listening to this interview with the previous head of brand, Joe Federer. Even more importantly, he pulls...

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Ep 1: Interview with Kathleen Booth

Connect with Kathleen Check out the Inbound Success podcastFollow her on Twitter  Thank you for listening!  If you’d like to know more about change-makers in digital marketing, celebrate their wins, and discover how they built a breaking ground career, subscribe, share, and comment on...

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Meet Your Hosts

Katherine and Jim are both owners of digital marketing companies serving the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area. They began this podcast to learn more about their own industry and share the great stories and victories of digital marketing professionals from around the area and across the world.